What is Kushii?

Thousands of years ago, there was a great Kingdom in Africa by the name of Kush.  At its greatest, Kush extended from the Mediterranean Sea all the way into Africa encompassing the great Ancient Egyptian Civilization.  The 25th Egyptian Dynasty was led by Kush Kings that had conquered the rich and powerful Nile Delta claiming the Egyptian throne as their own.

The name Kush also has biblical origins as this was the name given to the eldest of one of the four sons of Ham. Ham was the son of Noah, the builder of the great arc.  According to the bible, Kush, son of Ham, is the father of the people in the Kingdom of Kush located on either side of the Red Sea, modern day Sudan.  

Other references to Kush in the bible refer to Moses' wife being of Kush descent (Numbers 1:12) as well as the follower of Saul, Benjamite (Psalms, 7).  However, the most significant reference to the people of Kush in the bible is found in Jeremiah13:23 in which the following rhetorical question is posed: "Can a Kushite change his skin?"

Throughout history, the terms Kush, Kushi, Kushii, and Kushite have been used in a manner to denigrate and put down people with brown skin whose ancestors may have hailed from Africa.  For this reason, the term Kushii is being reclaimed by Kushii Press to celebrate the once glorious Kush kingdom as well as celebrate the modern day ancestors who continue to succeed and thrive in the modern urban society.

Clothing and accessories for the modern urban family

Clothing and accessories for the modern urban family

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